Chalet construction and mountain skiing

Mountain skiing is one of the most popular sports, but it is also one of the hardest sports that require a lot of energy so to relax after a good day of skiing what better than to stay in a beautiful luxury wooden alpine chalet for sale in France. If you dream about it, you can search on internet a professional of the construction for your dreaming chalet in France. With this, you are going to be able to have the holidays of you life. It is a building that has lost its peasant function, transformed with more or less respect. In 1960, with the democratization of the private car and the vogue of skiing, the construction of weekend cottages explodes in the municipalities of the Alps. To preserve the traditional image, the building regulations impose two-sided roofs and partially wooden facades. More and more, it is only a veneer of planks on the concrete walls of a building housing many holiday apartments, quite similar to the urban housing that one claims to flee.


Mountain skiing is a discipline of winter mountaineering that involves climbing and descending the mountain using skis, without any mechanical propulsion. This feature makes it one of the most complete sports ever, because its practitioners need several sports profiles: climbing with skis, ability to move around the plains and know how to practice the descent on all types of snow and snow. tracks. In addition to being good mountain climbers, you must also know the characteristics of the winter mountain, its dangers and its difficulties.

Mountain skiing appears as the union of skiing and mountaineering and becomes the sport that allows all lovers of the mountain to continue to move when they are already covered with snow. The scenario of mountain skiing is exclusively nature, the ascent and descent being “off track” on unprepared terrain, where no human intervention has occurred except in competitions where some traces are marked as such.


Skis, bindings and shoes differ from those of alpine or cross-country skiing, in addition to having a specific material, such as “seal skins”, necessary to prevent skis from slipping back in uphill climbs. Athletes wear special helmets and wear a light backpack. In addition, it is essential to wear an ARVA which, when attached to the body, gives signals in the event of an avalanche and the athlete is buried in the snow.

After skiing the best place to relax and rest and the cottage, the typical home of these mountainous regions, there are all kinds, and are made to measure.

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